Why Pratyaksh

People are our motivation. Helping people achieve their desires and witnessing their joy is our largest professional achievement and reward. Your desire to own property in our beautiful Pune can be fulfilled and the experience pleasurable when you choose a consultant who has your best interests at heart. Clients need to be listened to and understood.

About Pratyaksh Realty - Real Estate Unique circumstances and desires need to be responded to, which is why we never work with a prescribed sales formula. People are not formulas! Adapting to your individuality insures that your journey will be both pleasurable and rewarding.

It is your choice to involve us in your real estate dreams and we take that very seriously. Your individual preferences and situation will always guide our actions. No matter what your circumstances, you can rely on our willingness and dedicated efforts toward getting you where you want to go.

Pratyaksh Realty is more than "Just" a real estate agency. It is a professional, patient, honest, committed and caring firm. Which maintains a trustworthy and friendly relationship with its clients. Working with a consultancy should be a blessing, not a nightmare. You can rest assured that you will be well informed and at ease throughout our partnership. You will come first in every instance.

Years of insightful buying and selling real estate experience in the Pune area allow us the privilege of guiding you through a virtually seamless process. Daunting or complicated transactions will seem simple and stress-free with a competent and sensitive realtor standing beside you. You will be the winner!

To be professionally competitive in the real estate business, a realtor must have sound integrity, good ethics and demonstrate consideration, caring and understanding. We are proud of the relationships we have established with each one of our real estate clients, as well as our outstanding as both a realtor and a human being. It would be our pleasure to work with you and help you realize your dream.